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About Margaret Hart Lewis

Paint and Fiber Artist


I am a mixed media artist.  Woolpaintart, my mixing of wool hooking, painting, collage, and unique rice paper designs create inviting imagery that merges onto a canvas.  I've always been a creative maker.  From beaded pouches to jewelry and doll making, my creativity is my vehicle of personal expression.  Most Artists have a sense of place that inspires and motivates them to create their art.  For me, my place is Prince Edward Island (PEI) Canada, in the Atlantic Maritimes.  

PEI was the home of my grandmother and her ancestors.  My Grandmother, like her mother before her, was a maker of wool hooked rugs.  In those days women gathered bark and berries to make dyes to color recycled wool cloth into hooking materials.  They drew patterns on burlap feed bags and stretched them upon frames.  This created the base for pulling thin wool strips through the grid of burlap, which followed the pleasing pattern of their rug design. 

Wool hooking, which began as a utilitarian art to warmly cover wooden floors, has flourished into a passionate art over the years.  Today, wool hooking is a form of Fiber Art, which is admired on the walls of museums, art galleries, and homes around the world.  

In 2015, my husband and I built a cottage on PEI and began to spend our summers there.  Spending this treasured time on my Grandmother's beloved island has inspired me to follow in her footsteps as a maker of woolhooked art.  These pieces have seamlessly meshed with my love of watercolor, collage, oil, and acrylic painting.  It feels like a natural fit for me and brings me joy and fulfillment.  

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